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Top 15 ERP Software To Manage Small Businesses

In many ways, the products in the ERP Systems category are comparable, and they assist businesses of all sizes with their difficulties. Small company features, pricing, setup, and installation, on the other hand, differ from larger firms, which is why we connect buyers to the proper Small Business ERP Systems for their needs. To find the right solutions in the Small Business ERP Systems category, compare product ratings based on enterprise user evaluations or speak with one of our buying consultants. we have listed here top 15 ERP softwares for your business solutions to manage your all process of your industry smoothly.

erp software

SAP Business One

Boost your authority over your small company with apps that get built to scale with you. Simplify functions, obtain increased business insights, and decide things based on available data – all to push profitability. Reduce the cost of running your company, from finances, buying, stock, revenues, and client relationships to managing projects, processes, and human resources. Gain comprehensive control and visibility over every area of your small business. Capture vital information for quick access and use across the organization. Ensure that great ideas and goals get realized. With a flexible, modular, powerful, and intuitive interface, you can get a single view of your business in seconds.

NetSuite ERP Software

NetSuite, the ranked top one cloud-based ERP remedy, is the first and only system to manage your company will ever require. NetSuite offers a cloud-based software package. It contains financial results / Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP software), HR, business services mechanization, and omni channel business. It gets used by over 24,000 clients in 200+ nations.


For digitally resilient businesses, Acumatica Cloud ERP software offers the best business management solution. Designed for mobile and telework environments and readily linked with your preferred collaboration tools. Growing small and mid-market businesses benefit from Acumatica’s flexibility, efficiency, and operational continuity. Enterprise in a network. Delivered. Integrations that get completed quickly Delivered. Collaboration over the internet Delivered. Resilience in business Delivered. Proof of the future Delivered.


Each organization has various needs which are specific to the financial model, industry, or environment. You could detract from such specifications on the event in an attempt to use an alternative in your technology platform. That can result in decreased revenue and a weakening of growing business. TallyPrime is a computer program designed with a variety of business scenarios in mind. We’ve considered just about everything. Users shouldn’t have to rely on possible ideas. They can relax knowing that the innovation gets created for themselves!

Intacct from Sage

To ensure security and compliance, utilize extensive financial controls. Using automation, streamline your business processes to save time and money. Accounting, cash management, purchasing, vendor management, financial consolidation, revenue recognition, subscription billing, contract management, project accounting, fund accounting, inventory management, and financial reporting get all included in the Sage Intacct system. It gets delivered via the cloud.


Brightpearl is a Framework for Service Businesses. Brightpearl attaches your customer order, fulfillment, stock control, bookkeeping, disclosing and planning, logistics planning, resupply, and more and gets closely integrated with all of your online sales. Brightpearl gets primarily designed for store economic models. It incorporates with the entire retail tech sector, is omnichannel-native, is the scheme of documentation for trade information, offers trading perspectives, and gets digitalized so you can remain in charge and handle by distinction.

ERP by Odoo

Odoo is an accessible technology platform that is completely implemented and configurable, and it comes with hundreds of elegantly designed enterprise systems. Odoo’s user-friendly data set can handle a wide range of business requirements, including CRM, Revenues, tasks, Production, Stock, and Bookkeeping, to mention a few. Odoo is an all-in-one software application suited to businesses of all sizes (or budgets). Odoo’s unrivaled, smooth landscape aids enterprises in becoming more productive by reducing redundant manual procedures, allow companies to save numerous hours of labor.


Your company is at its best. Striven is a complete business management solution that includes everything you need to increase income, operate more productively, and enhance operations. Striven is a comprehensive software solution that combines all of the essential elements for accounting, sales, projects, administration, and reporting into one system. Simplify, Unify, and Thrive are three words that come to mind when thinking about how to simplify, unify, and You’ll never need separate and unconnected software apps again with Striven. Finally, you can manage your entire company from any location and on any device.

SAP S/4HANA is a software suite from SAP

SAP S/4HANA is an intelligent ERP solution that can help you run your business now while also preparing for tomorrow’s opportunities. SAP S/4HANA, which was built expressly for in-memory computing, allows your entire firm to make better decisions faster and with real-time intelligence at the point of action. Deploy next-generation business procedures to boost efficiency and productivity. SAP S/4HANA also makes it simple to take advantage of new developments.

Enterprise Edition of QuickBooks Desktop

For your industry, it gets jam-packed with features. Contracting, manufacturing & wholesale, non-profit, retail, professional services, and accounting are a few of the Enterprise has distinct properties, tools, and reports. Track inventory from bin to sale with precision. You can track inventory from the dump to the sale across several locations using Advanced Inventory. You only need to scan barcodes, and Enterprise will take care of the rest.

Costpoint Deltek

Costpoint is a project-centric ERP system for any size government contractor or company that offers goods or services to the federal government in the United States. On a flexible, secure, mobile, web services-based cloud platform, the solution provides project accounting, business intelligence, human capital management, engineer-to-order manufacturing, and project management. When faced with regulatory hurdles such as FAR, DCAA, DCMA, NIST 800-171, ASC 606, ACA, EEO, MMAS, and others, government contractors can rest easy.

Dolibarr CRM/ERP

Dolibarr ERP & CRM is a free software solution for smaller firms, individuals, and nonprofit organizations. Dolibarr is a CRM or ERP programme. It’s an Open-sourced application built by attaching plugins to a WAMP, MAMP, or LAMP server (you only enable the functionality you need) (Apache, Mysql, PHP for all Operating Systems). Dolibarr gets built with the following key goals in mind: – Simple to set up, use, and construct ERP and CRM systems.

Microsoft Dynamics GP is a Business Management Software

From operations management and finance management to human resource management and manufacturing, Microsoft Dynamics GP (previously Great Plains) software provides extensive out-of-the-box business management features. It connects your organization’s various moving pieces, offering you a better understanding of and control over what’s going on.

Sage 100cloud is a Cloud Computing Platform

Sage 100 does more than just accounting for your expanding small or medium business; it unifies your entire operation at a low cost. Best of all, it’s simple and adaptable. Sage 100 can link your firm to the cloud, giving you access to web and mobile capabilities so you can conduct your business with confidence. Customers’ information is accessible to sales and service personnel, who can invoice and collect payments from customers in the field. To correctly manage supply levels, procurement has deep visibility into inventories. Electronic invoicing gets used, and exceptions get handled. Executives have analytics on various aspects of the firm, and everything gets linked to this.

ERP Genius

Genius Solutions provides a complete enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution for small to mid-sized bespoke manufacturers in the United States and Canada, including software, implementation services, and field knowledge. Genius ERP gets designed for small and medium-sized businesses that handle make-to-order, engineer-to-order, custom-to-order, and assemble-to-order production. CRM, inventory management, product engineering, job costing, account management, scheduling, production planning, and accounting are all capabilities that Genius ERP gives custom manufacturers to cut costs, enhance productivity, and improve the efficiency of their manufacturing facilities.

Every tool gets integrated into a single centralized, user-friendly system that is ready to use right out of the box for custom producers. To optimize production, automate time-consuming tasks, bid for more projects, estimate accuracy, decrease shop floor bottlenecks, and connect historical data to upcoming runs. Genius ERP was created by industry specialists exclusively for custom manufacturers. Genius ERP helps manufacturers enhance throughput without adding new employees or extending operations, from design to delivery. Manufacturers can manage additional orders and add new clients while avoiding bottlenecks, stopped projects, and supply surplus.