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The pharmaceutical industry is one of the most important industries for the development and growth of a nation. As there is a continued demand for pharmaceutical tools and equipment, the role of the effective management force is crucial to meet up the target of the market and fulfil the public’s satisfaction. Irrespective of other industries, the pharmaceutical industry requires more care proficiency while managing the raw or finished item at any production level.

How ERP software is helpful for the pharmaceutical industry?

Like any other ERP software, the ERP software for pharma industries helps in the efficient management of the establishment, maintains the proper working environment, and assists in achieving the organizational goal of the enterprises. The ERP software also helps in the careful analysis and storage process of the pharmaceutical goofs produced by the industrial plants. As different industries have their unique purpose for the ERP software, the pharmaceutical implementation and usage also differ in terms of usage and limitations.

A variety of goods require a unique type of care and handling, so the parameters settled for the ERP software may differ from one plant from another or one establishment to others. It helps manage the resources and deducts the possibility of risk that may arise in production or trading.

Pharma Business

Core management challenges of a Pharma business:

Features of ERP Software in Pharma Industry


The manufacturing or trading industries are generally large in scale, making the management, controlling, and supervision of the quality finished products extremely tough. That is why there is a high demand for ERP software in such industries to minimize the cost and increase the efficiency in the organization, as mentioned below:

  • Quality Analysis

The quality of the finished products plays a significant role in the pharmaceutical industry as the finished products of the industry are directly related to consumption purposes. The Erp software ensures the quality of the finished good, as it should be up to the labelling promises and must be stored in the proper lighting and temperature.

  • Storage Facility

Different type of pharmaceutical goods requires a different type of care. The ERP software helps in determining these requirements and adjusting the storage shaft as per the requirement. The proper packaging is maintained in these cells as well.

  • Billing info

One of the trickiest jobs in such industries is to keep track of vivid receipt of transactions of materials and goods. Where the ERP software helps get the records of bills and helps keep the financial track of the cash/credit flows in the establishment.

  • Sterilization and Tracing

The ERP software also manages the sterilization of the plants and the container of the goods being produced inside the premises. At the same time, keep the record of all the manufactured or traded goods in the organization in case of urgent information related to the same.

  • Smoothning in Operations

The ERP software pin downs all the odd jobs on the premises and helps the employees in the organization to focus on their core (assigned) tasks. This helps in the smooth functioning of the operations and leads to a positive working climate.

  • Cost control

The ERP software reduces the cost of operations as it estimates the raw material requirement, minimizes wastage, and assists in the financial analysis of the industry. The lower cost of production increases the profit margin of the industry.

  • Real-time Monitoring

When it comes to the effectiveness and efficiency of the operational process in the industry, the ERP software helps the authorities to take necessary action suitable for the succession of the industry. This feature also helps resolve the problems related to the on-site processes and minimizes the risk of more significant loss.

PharmaSoft 2.0 : SAP Qualified Partner Packaged Solution leveraging RISE with SAP S/4HANA Cloud, private edition

Pharma industry has certain specific complexities that do not exist in other industries.“PharmaSoft 2.0” leveraging RISE with SAP S/4HANA Cloud by CorporateServe is a solution of these specific processes.

“PharmaSoft 2.0” fasten your speed, reduce the data size, give more efficient clinical trials, improve supply chain, intuitive on all device and helps in handling sales & marketing effortlessly.

“PharmaSoft 2.0” is built on SAP S/4HANA technology which is based on in-memory real-time data analytics platform. This Solution is also excellent in addressing basic requirements of user friendliness and speed.

“PharmaSoft 2.0” integrates and address business processes across sales, production, finance, material management and logistics that are very much pertinent to the Pharmaceuticals industry.


CorporateServe provide Complete ERP solution for pharma industries

The solution connects all stakeholders of business that is:

The integrated solution offered by CorporateServe covers secondary sales and sales force management in an integrated manner within the ERP solution. Consultants of CorporateServe add significant value while implementing ERP at these industries. The Solution has the capability to transform pharma industry into digital world.

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