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Metal is far one of the best discoveries made by human beings, from trains to industries and bridges to ships, every possible structure has been established with the help of some mineral or ore. The steel, metal and fabrication industry also has mass manufacturing and construction range on the vivid fields such as buildings, construction work, product manufacturing, etc.

The steel, metal and fabrication industry has an upward trend in the growing world which helps in the economic and infrastructural development of the state. Where there are some advantages for the firm to manufacture the steel, there are also some significant drawbacks. This includes inflation, operational cost, lower subsidiaries, and maintenance charges for the smooth running of the activities.

The steel industry is highly labour intensive, which works as the result of high labour costs.However, to cope with these drastic changes, the steel industries have opted for various approaches and techniques to minimize the cost and increase the effectiveness of the establishment in the processing.

 The ERP software comes in handy and helps in easing the workload and managing the steel industry. From supervision, control to the management of overall industrial activity in the establishment.

 The ERP software helps in the overall management of the large-scale industry and helps in establishing the perfect balance in the organization. In the essence of the performance and development of the steel industry, ERP software provides stability in managerial tasks.

Features About Metal ERP Software

The heavy demand and supply for steel, metal, and fabrication influence the bookkeeping and maintenance of the received order in chronological order. Which can be very chaotic and complex to be completed by the mangrove without any errors. This feature saves the time and cost for the completion of the order receiving process.

Environmental planning software especially configures the feature of raw material management in the premises. Finished goods can be easily stored, packed, and transported, but the raw material requires special treatment and storage facilities before the production process. The ERP also helps check and label the quality, type, and details of the following raw material.

One of the significant problems in such large-scale industries is procuring the raw and finished material from one place to another. The means and transportation channel needs special attention as these materials are incredibly massive and heavy. The ERP helps in the arrangement of the most affordable and accessible type of conveyance for the industry. This includes consideration of different modes of transportation suitable for STEEL, metal and fabrics.

The ERP software helps in estimating and procuring the material required for the production process. These estimations can be based on the production cycle, financial calendar, or the raw material's urgent requirement. This feature helps in the continuous running of industrial activity and minimizes the wastage of the raw material. Also, it prevents the industry from an overproduction of the finished product.

The large scale industry needs to go through many financial decisions and supervision of accounts or funds. The ERP software helps in maintaining the accounts and optimum usage of the assets. On the other hand, it assists and foresees the liability to minimize the possibilities of loss or risk.

The ERP software works to maintain the plants established in the organizations and improvises the plant's utility. This helps in maintaining a positive and healthy working atmosphere in the organization, which promotes the labour force's effectiveness and leads to coordination among employees and subordinates. As a result, increase in performance and development of the organization.





The ERP SOFTWARE also helps reduce the cost of the product and reduces the workforce required for the Production. The overall cost and profit are affected drastically as the same task performed by the human hands gets done with much less money and effort.

The ERP software comes up with the periodical status of the industry in the market. That helps in attracting the clients, arrangements of funds, accessing governmental subsidiaries and other benefits. Generally, these statements and data require a lot of time and specialized professionals, which costs a fortune for even the most prominent firms ever established and can still be faulty. ERP SOFTWARE minimizes the chances of mistakes compared to human beings.

Metal & Steel industry has certain specific requirements with respect to managing their overall business including Tool & Die Planning Optimisation, Metal Product RFQ, New Product Development, London Metal Exchange Integration, Weight & Quantity Tracking of Product, Metal Reconciliation, Match plate & multiple pattern combination basis auto liquid metal consumption etc.

MetalSoft has been developed on SAP S/4HANA platform to cater to these very specific needs of customers in Metal & Steel industry. The solution is also capable of handling all requirements of Metal, Steel and Auto Component industries.

  1. Tool & Die planning optimisation
  2. Metal product RFQ process:
    1. LME rate impact
    2. Run time BOM
    3. Run time routing
  3. FER impact
  4. LME & FE adjustment in sales prices
  5. Weight & quantity tracking of product
  1. Metal reconciliation report
  2. Tracking of NPD
  3. Scrap Management
  4. Prospect and customer business development tracking.
  5. Match plate and multiple pattern combination basis auto liquid metal consumption.

Duration of Implementation

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