Create a Culture of Growth

Epicor Human Capital Management

How effectively you engage, align, and lead the innovative workforce of tomorrow significantly impacts your long-term competitiveness and growth. You need human resources professionals to focus on strategic initiatives, not low-value, administrative tasks. 

Epicor Human Capital Management offers a feature-rich human resource management solution (HRMS) you can deploy in the cloud or on premises to comprehensively manage your global workforce from recruitment to retirement, so you can focus on cultivating a culture of growth.

Engage your people

Employee expectations are on the rise. Epicor HCM takes inspiration from consumer software to enable a pleasant user experience that increases productivity and performance.

  • Reach employees anywhere, anytime with modern tools that simplify and automate self-service HR processes so staff can complete tasks quickly at a lower cost
  • Encourage employees to take ownership of their careers by self-managing goals and measuring achievements to improve satisfaction and retention
  • Excite employees to excel with the insight to identify and reward high-performers

Align skills to Strategy

Mapping talent to performance

Empower HR to help your business execute its growth strategy faster by leveraging best-practice tools that proactively match qualified talent with corporate objectives.

  • Increase ROI of HR with actionable visibility into the skills your organization needs, current talent, and gaps that must be filled
  • Drive out costs by digitizing processes to align, recruit, onboard, train, plan, set goals, and measure performance
  • Leverage powerful analytics to quickly make informed decisions based on accurate workforce insights

Lead with innovation

Your people set you apart. Discover the power and flexibility of Epicor HCM to help you best support your unique business.

  • Configure your own HR programs, tools, and processes that unleash the ingenuity of your people
  • Choose to deploy Epicor HCM however it best fits your organization—cloud or on premises
  • Integrate with the payroll and benefit vendors of your choice

“Epicor is a true HCM suite with no gaps in service.”

Source: Brandon Hall Group

Powerful Foundation with Core HR

Gain fast ROI with a uniquely feature-rich core HR foundational solution.

Workforce insights with Reporting and Analytics

Energize HR with the tools to report on and analyze the greatest asset of your organization from every angle, including regulatory compliance requirements.

Recruiting—even on the go

Improve hiring decisions and accelerate recruiting while eliminating paper processes.

Capability Highlights

Talent Management

Cultivate  the skills your organization needs to better compete in a rapidly changing world.

Total Compensation Management

Gain insights to increase employee satisfaction without drastically increasing the cost to your organization.


Better manage employee work hours and time off with timesheets to maximize cost savings.

Employee Self-Service

Engage employees with self-service tools that help them grow their careers.

Absence Management

Control impact and cost of employee absences with automated time-off processes.

Law Firm Package

Designed for the unique needs of HR professionals in the legal industry.